Miyerkules, Enero 4, 2012

Rio Quente – a Wonderful Tourist Destination

Pousada Do Rio Quente
Rio Quente is a wonderful tourist destination. With beautiful beaches, hot springs, historical structures and other tourist spots, without a doubt, Rio Quente is perfect place for exciting adventure, for exploring traditions and having another way of relaxation. The Pousadas Do Rio Quente has all the accommodations needed for its guests that reveal the sincere tradition of this out of the ordinary place.

The Pousada Do Rio Quente offers a lot of accommodations selection you can choose from. These pousadas features the best place to stay in town and they offer just like you are staying in a prestigious five star hotels. Most of them are located near the stunning white beaches, historical monuments, refreshing green parks and most especially the hot springs in Rio Quente. Some architectural designs of the pousadas depends on the place’s location and the theme design varies on their guests’ needs offering a unique, relaxing, ambiance and most especially romantic for two.

Morever, offering an out of ordinary and comfy accommodations will make its guests complete satisfaction and will make them able to come back again and again when visiting Rio Quente. Some are built as well in a homely setup to prevent their guests of having a feeling of being homesick. The pousadas also serve mouth watering dishes from local to international cuisines. It is also commonly known that most pousadas serve free delicious breakfast in the morning in a buffet setup.

Tourists can make reservations to Pousadas Do Rio Quente if they want to visit the place especially during peak season like holidays or weekends. So it is better to reserve a room in a pousada in advance to avoid problems in finding accommodation to stay when getting to that place. Some pousadas offer discounts if you reserved a room earlier. The staffs of Pousadas Do Rio Quente always inform their guests about the rules and regulations in the resorts and they also give tips and advices regarding safety and security while exploring this wonderful place.

Every place in Rio Quente has its own unique events and activities offering fun and excitement to tourists. There are also places that offer serene and relaxation that is very perfect for couple having a date or anniversary. It is also offer a stress relief for those who are having too much pressure from the company that they work for.

Rio Quente hot springs in Brazil is very popular not just because of its place, scenic views and best accommodation offered nearby but also the water from hot springs heals and rejuvenates illness. That’s why it more fun and relaxing when visiting to this place which is perfect for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Book early now and choose a perfect pousada that you would like to stay when you get there.

Lunes, Nobyembre 28, 2011

Celebrate Christmas at IMG Hotelaria

When December month approaches, Christmas vacation flourishes in interesting customs and way of life. A number of of these Christmas Day celebration customs and traditions are entirely religious organization, while others are profane and slacked up. A few nations have a nationwide essence in their customs of Christmas Day as well. So obviously, the customs and traditions of Christmas Day are neither odd nor the entire same all around the world. These maintain altering from nation to nation and from state to state. There is a lot of well-known Christmas customs such as the changing of gifts, beautifying the Christmas tree, reunion with families and friends, traveling to another place with special someone, etc are more or less general to all places.

For people who love to travel and wants to spend their holiday vacation to other places, Christmas has become the most significant holiday of the year, economically speaking. A lot of hotels and hostels offer discounted or promo before the month of December, so you should book or reserve a room earlier while there are still a lot vacant rooms available. However, if you book or reserve a room in December, the room prices will increase and other hotels or hostels offer these rooms double the original price.

In Brazil, it’s sunny around Christmas Day and they don’t have snow but they have other options to celebrate enough than making up for a white Christmas and it is making fun in the sun like going to beautiful beaches. You can enjoy a great Christmas holiday at one of the top destination hotels in Brazil with an ideal blend of extravagance, wonders of nature, and beautiful places like Pousada Do Rio Quente.

The IMG Hotelaria at is a well-designed contemporary architecture that sets proud along the thermal river of Rio Quente and situate next to the scenery of the stunning mountain of Serra Caldas Novas. It is to be found inside the traveler compound of Rio Quente, this gorgeous hotel get pleasure from the top of the wonders of nature that Brazil is boast of.

This good-looking sanctuary gives guests comfort and happiness. An archetype of delight, the IMG Hotelaria offers 365 remarkable comfy rooms that extend to beautiful terraces that oversee the bright blue waters of pools, the scenery of the stunning mountain of Serra Caldas Novas or the fascinating Rio Quente. Each sanctuary is air-conditioned and has an airy living area with cable TV and internet. The thermal river of Rio Quente that runs along this gorgeous land provides the most excellent therapeutic treatment that this wonder of nature imparts Get relieve of physical sickness and revitalize your right mind by soaking wet at the relaxing warm water of the river.

IMG Hotelaria of Pousada Do Rio Quente furthermore highlights barely credible services to make that perfect Christmas vacation for your family or friends. You can way in their sauna, green area, fitness center, conference halls, garage, and internet access. Your kids and friends will surely enjoy the aquatic park that brings out swimming pools for all ages.